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Detecting moisture using thermo-technology

We Find Water Damage No Matter Where it Hides!

Not all water damage is easy to fine.

Utilizing the best technology available, we help you to find any water damage that may be lurking in your floors or walls. Let us take care of the drying and restoration process for you!

Standing water on basement floor

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose SERVPRO of Toledo East

SERVPRO of Toledo East is the best choice for your home and commercial disasters. Here's a few reasons why:

  1. Locally Owned with National Resources.  

We are proud members of the local community, but that doesn’t limit our ability to tackle any type of disaster.  

  1. Faster to Any Disaster

When disaster strikes, time is money. You need a company that is just as fast as they are efficient.  

  1. We Work with Your Insurance

We know that a disaster is a stressful time. Whether you’re dealing with flood damage, storm damage, fire damage, having to work with an insurance company on top of that can be very difficult. We will work with your insurance company for a stress-free claims process.  

A SERVPRO truck in front of a commercial job

SERVPRO is the Best Choice for Your Toledo East Business

SERVPRO of Toledo East is the best choice when it comes to your business's disasters. We work hard to eliminate your stress as quickly and efficiently as possible. That way, you can get back to what you do best.

Moisture reader detecting 100% moisture on a wall

We Use the Best Technology to Help Detect Water Damage

Here at SERVPRO of Toledo East, our professionals are trained to use top-tier technology to detect water damage in your home or business. That way, we can find any damage that may hide, helping you to avoid further damages down the line

Flooded basement after a big storm

We Travel Across the Country to Help with Water Mitigation Needs

Recently, our pros at SERVPRO of Toledo East traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana to help after a big storm rolled through.

Many residents were out of power, dealing with flooded basements and other water damage. Our team did not hesitate to travel to help anyone we could.

Even though we're always willing and ready to travel, we're still available 24/7/365 to handle your local needs in Toledo East!

Fallen tree on top of a house after a storm

Damage Cleanup After a Toledo East Storm

We know how devastating storm damage can be. Sometimes, it's hard to even know where to start.

So, call us and let us get started for you. We'll come scope your damage and create an estimate quickly to get our pros out as soon as possible to start taking care of your disaster.

We work quickly and efficiently to help get your life back on track.

Fallen trees on the side of the road

We're Here to Take on Your Storm Damage!

Storm damage can be unpredictable, and can seem almost unmanageable. Let us take on the stress of your mess to help make your disaster a bit easier to handle.

We work diligently to make it like nothing ever even happened. And we help you work with your insurance for an easier claims process.

Call us at SERVPRO of Toledo East to handle your storm damage needs!

Fire damage in a maintenance building

Cleaning Up a Local Fire-Damaged Building

After a fire started in the middle of the night at a local fairground, our pros were called to action to help cleanup before the annual fair.

In a time crunch, our team worked tirelessly to clean tools and other maintenance supplies. With positive attitudes and hardworking mindsets, we were able to make the materials look like new again.

The building will need replaced, which our pros can handle, but at least the contents could be saved thanks to our team's dedication to the job!

Be sure to call SERVPRO of Toledo East for all your home and commercial fire damage needs!

Burnt out ceiling of a maintenance building with "spiderwebbing" hanging down

SERVPRO of Toledo East Takes Care of Your Fire Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of Toledo East is quick to handle any fire damage that you may experience.

Fires can leave behind damage, smoke and soot, and a haunting odor. Our professionals are expertly trained to handle any issues that come from a fire. We help restore your property and belongings to make it feel like your disaster never even happened.

SERVPRO truck and equipment outside on a rainy day

SERVPRO is Here to Handle Your Business's Disasters

Here at SERVPRO of Toledo East, we pride ourselves on our ability to help ease your stress when disaster strikes your business. We know that time is money, so we'll get the job done quickly and efficiently. We do what we do best, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Soot on walls

Soot needs professionally cleaned in this East Toledo home

Here at SERVPRO of Toledo East, we are well trained with the latest techniques and are equipped with best equipment to get rid all of the smoke and soot that has damaged your home or business. 

We work closely with all the major insurance companies quickly and efficiently so we can get your property back to where it was prior to the unfortunate event. If a fire damage ever occurs, through faulty wiring or any flammable liquids next to a heat source, SERVPRO of Toledo East is here 24/7 to make it look and feel "Like it never even happened." 

Storage Crates

Storing your stuff after disaster strikes.

After a house fire in a Toledo neighborhood SERVPRO of Toledo East was brought in to restore both the home and its contents.  All fire affected items were inventoried.  The items deemed savable were brought back to our facility for proper cleaning. Once cleaned they were carefully packed into these crates and stored safely in our climate control warehouse until they can be returned to their owners.

Fire damaged hallway

Flames Burn through this Toledo Apartment Hallway

Flames and smoke poured through the hallways of this Akron apartment complex.  SERVPRO of Toledo East was called to restore the property for the owners and residents to make it clean and safe.  This picture shows only one step in the multi-step cleaning process that are highly trained technicians do to restore your property after a fire.

Tree laying on roof

Wind and Rain lands Tree on Toledo Home

This job was a house that we were called out to because of a leak in the roof. Water was coming into a bedroom. When we arrived on site, we found that a tree branch had dropped onto the house putting a hole in the roof, hence the leak in the bedroom. The first thing we did was to call a roofing company to repair the hole in the roof which we were able to get done the same day. from there it was simply drying the customers home out and painting the ceiling in the bedroom! Customer was ecstatic the process was so quick and his home was back to normal in no time.

Thermal Image camera

Thermal Imaging helps find the water.

At SERVPRO of Toledo East we use the latest technology to see where water may be hiding after a Storm Damage. When water comes in from the outside from damaging winds it can be hard to detect what all may be damaged. With this Thermal imaging camera, we are able to detect water hiding behind the walls.

Trampaline blown over

Heavy Winds Rock Toledo

Storm Damage can be devastating! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. This home was the aftermath of a storm that had high winds which did damage to not only the outside of the home but to the inside as well! SERVPRO Toledo East was able to handle the outside clean up and dry out the inside of the home making sure the homeowner had a lot less stress to deal with.

Wet floor and cabinets with drying equipment around .

Water Damage in Rossford

This was a water damage home in Rossford Ohio that occurred on a Saturday afternoon. With SERVPRO of Toledo East 24/7 service there was no need to worry. The customer was very happy we were on site within an hour.

Basement Flood in Point Place Ohio

Basement Flood in Point Place Ohio

This was a water damage to a basement SERVPRO Toledo East did in Point Place, Ohio. The sewer had backed up into his basement. We had the contaminated materials removed and the area cleaned and sanitized in no time. The structure was on its way to drying out and his basement was put back together within a week. Customer was thrilled.

Water Damage on floor of Toledo Church

Water Damage on floor of Toledo Church

This is a water damage in the basement of a local church. The cause of loss is actually theft. Someone broke into the church and removed all of the copper plumbing and fixtures. We were able to make this bad situation a little easier by getting it cleaned up and dried out.

Water Damaged Laminate Floor

Water Damaged Laminate Floor

This photo show that even when the floor appears to be dry there is still water trapped between layers. In this case the customer thought he had cleaned up all the water and did not need our services. by simply taking moisture readings we were able to show him it was wet. The customer was shocked when we removed the floor and the water was under the moisture barrier.

 SERVPRO Trailer

Storm Team Green Fleet

Green Fleet preparing to leave with our Storm Team to assist those affected by disaster. Near or far SERVPRO of Toledo East is here to help those in need across the country

three men in PPE

SERVPRO of Toledo West Work Attire

Our crews are highly trained and IICRC certified to handle losses that require Personal Protective Equipment, PPE.  The PPE keeps our employees safe from any type of biohazard cleanup needed. 

Call be answered by female

Friendly People Keep You Informed

Stayed in communication and made sure I understand what was happening and if I had any questions, they would answer them! I highly recommend them!”

The above quote was from one of our many clients, and for the sake of anonymity, we’ll call them John. John woke up one morning to find that the line to his freezer had broken and caused water to leak from the kitchen into the unfinished part of the basement. He quickly shut off the water and got in contact with us to cleanup and restore the damaged area. The job itself was straightforward; dry out the area, then repair or restore anything that was damaged. But when John wrote a five-star review, he chose to harp not on the work itself, but on the COMMUNICATION he received throughout the process. This decision is interesting because it highlights was sets SERVPRO apart from other restoration and construction companies.

There are lots of companies that can do clean up and restoration, and John probably knew that. It’s easy to imagine that when he saw the damage, he googled what companies could mitigate it. SERVPRO came up, of course, but so did many other companies; some organically and some through paid ads. John had options, but he saw our raving reviews and happy customers, and chose to go with SERVPRO, and he’ll be forever happy he did. We kept him in the loop the entire time. He always had the ability to call us with questions or concerns. He always knew what was happening, why it was happening, and about how long it would take. Despite clean up and restoration being an area that John probably had no experience in, he was able to follow the process of his house and his property being restored as if he was a member of the green team doing it.

Don’t choose a company that just does the work because you’re paying them, choose a company that cares enough to help walk you through the entire process of clean up, restoration, and reconstruction. Choose SERVPRO.   

Technicians loading equipment

Team SERVPRO Is Your Water Removal Experts.

SERVPRO Professionals arrive quickly and are trained and equipped to help you regain control of your life when you have an emergency such as a water loss or smoke damage. Mitigation requires quick action. The faster SERVPRO can be on-site to start the cleanup for water or smoke, the better the results. This could also keep the cost of the claim down.

   Emergency Response 1-4-8

     Service Response Guidelines

1. Within one hour from notice of loss a SERVPRO Professional will contact your insured to arrange for service.

4. Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO  Professional will be on-site to start mitigation services.

8.  Within eight business hours of on-site arrival, a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to the adjuster. 

If you need service, don't wait. Call SERVPRO, and we will be there to make it "Like it never even happened."

Semi in front of office

Commercial Water Loss Toledo, Ohio

One of the Reasons SERVPRO is "Faster to any size Disaster" is the fact that we have over 1700 Franchises nationwide. This gives us the capability to have Multiple Franchises ready to help 24/7! Our customers are always amazed at just how fast we can pool our resources and get the job done.

Exposed block wall after fire

Commercial Fire loss Northwood, Ohio

This was a commercial building in Northwood Ohio that had extensive soot and smoke damage. It was imperative that the business remain functional while we were preforming our services. We were able to accommodate the tenants of the building and still finish the job in timely matter.

Industrial duct work from a desicante

Commercial Water Damage Toledo, Ohio

There are times when a regular dehumidifier just is not enough. That is when we break out the Big Guns! Having access to the right equipment to do the job is never a problem here at SERVPRO.

Drying equipment at a senior home

Commercial water damage at a senior home

When working in a commercial property where individuals reside it is imperative that we make sure the residents are safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. The owners as well as the residents were very happy with how seamlessly the job went from start to finish

Inject-a-dry at a commercial water loss in Toledo, Ohio


This was a commercial water loss in Toledo, Ohio. We used the injecidry to direct forced air into the cavities of the wall to dry the structure.This Type of system is used in water damage restoration and restorative drying work. It is specifically designed for structural cavities like those between studs in walls, between joists in floors and ceilings, under and behind cabinets and other built-ins, above door and window headers, and many other areas that are difficult to access. The system works because airflow across wet materials is a basic principle of drying.

2015 Maumee Summer Fair Parade

2015 Maumee Summer Fair Parade

Maumee Summer Fair Parade This picture was taken in June 2015, at the Maumee Summer Fair Parade which we had participated in. The Summer Fair parades' theme was "I Love The 80's". The kids had a blast and we all busted out our leg warmers and big hair!

Holiday Lights Parade

Holiday Lights Parade

Holiday Fun! Holidays are filled with fun, food and best of all the Holiday lights parade! We decided to keep our float in the "green" Theme and who better to represent green then .....You guessed it The Grinch himself and the village of whoville! I think our crew did a great job putting together this float!

Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots During the Holidays its very important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. This year we became an official drop off location for The Marine Corps Toys For Tots Campaign.

Sewage Backup

Sewage Backup

This was a sewage backup that was found in a hidden basement that the customer did not know existed. The customer had a foul odor that they had noticed and called in a plumber to investigate. They removed a cement block from a wall thinking they were gaining access to plumbing lines behind the wall when in fact they discovered a hidden basement. We were then called in to remove 3 ft of standing sewage, power wash walls and floors and disinfect entire basement.

Damage in attic from Raccoon

Raccoon Play Time

At this job Raccoon's decided to make this attic their playground. Unfortunately these cute little creatures can carry several diseases and can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. All insulation was soaked in urine and feces so it had to be removed. there was a dropped ceiling below which also had to be removed. All beams had to be cleaned and disinfected and then sealed. Home owner was grateful to have her house back and all critters were removed and relocated.

Trees on top of a residential roof

Trees Tops Tumble

This job was a house that we were called out to because of a leak in the roof. Water was coming into a bedroom. When we arrived on site we found that a tree branch had dropped onto the house putting a hole in the roof, hence the leak in the bedroom. The first thing we did was to call a roofing company to repair the hole in the roof which we were able to get done the same day. from there it was simply drying the customers home out and painting the ceiling in the bedroom! Customer was ecstatic the process was so quick and his home was back to normal in no time.

Mold climbing up side of cabinet.

Damp and Dark = Mold

We were called out to a water damage originally, but this damage turned into a mold remediation job. The customer heard water running in the basement and discovered a broken pipe. He had the pipe repaired and then called us to come out and dry out his basement. Unfortunately his basement had been damp for quite sometime. we were able to dry him out re-mediate the mold and make his home a healthy living environment once again.

Smoke and fire damage in Northwood, Ohio

Smoke Damage

his photo was taken at a fire damage in Northwood Ohio. The ceilings had to be cleaned by hand. First the ceiling was HEPA Vacuumed then washed. Customer was very happy with with the results Fire Damage